Classic Country Intro Lick in A

Here’s a “classic” country intro lick in the key of A.  It’s a movable lick, so it can be transposed into other keys.

country intro lick in A


The first two bends are little “micro” bends to give it a little “attitude”, while the last bend is a 1/2 step bend that you hear often in all types of music.  The Ghost note (the note in the parenthesis) is played by fretting the note, but not pressing down so that it makes a little “chick” instead of ringing out.


Transposing the lick . . .

To play this in another key, just reference the 4th note (in the above example it’s the 2nd fret – 3rd string) – it will be the root note.  So just find the root note you want it to be in…

Here is the same lick in G – we’ve moved everything down 2 frets – so the 4th note is the Open G string . . .

country intro lick in G


Here’s the  lick in C – we’ve moved everything up 3 frets (from the key of A) – so the 4th note is the C (5th fret, 3rd string) . . .

country intro lick in C


And finally, here’s the lick in E.  Instead of of moving everything up 7 frets (from A), I’ve transposed everything down a string, so the lick starts on the 5th string instead of the 4th.  You can also transpose this lick up and down too!

country intro lick in E



Practice these licks in different keys and positions so that you can easily figure out where to play it for any key when you need that Classic Country Intro.

That’s all for this lesson ~ I hope this is all helpful in building your lick library.  Please keep checking back for more lessons!